Register your music in a film

If your music is used in a film, we will be notified of this via a cue sheet. A cue sheet is a list of all the works used in a film. Don’t forget to register your works at My Koda even though they are featured on a cue sheet. 

Who needs to fill in a cue sheet?

The cue sheet is registered by filling in this form. The form can be used by composers and film producers alike. In general, the film producer is responsible for ensuring that the cue sheet is filled in and submitted to Koda, but sometimes the main composer actually fills in the form. You can also choose to fill in your titles and then send it on to the producer. 

It can be useful to consider the individual cues/titles that form part of a film’s background music as one single work which is then named after the title of the film on the cue sheet. This makes things easier for Koda and for you. Works that are or may take on a separate identity, for example by being published, should each be registered as an independent work in the cue sheet. This also applies to works with lyrics.

Send your completed cue sheet to

Submit notification of your works via My Koda

It is important that you also register your individual works by submitting notification via My Koda. Register the total score (using the title of the film as the title of the work) as an independent work.

We register the information from the cue sheet in our system as quickly as possible, and monthly data extracts means that the information is available to most of our sister societies. This helps ensure that you receive distributions for your film music if the film is screened abroad. 

If you wish to see the cue sheet for a film to which you have delivered music (for example in order to check the durations stated for your work), you are welcome to contact Koda’s member service via