I'm a Koda member. What now?

Are you new to being a Koda member? Or would you simply like a quick overview of the options available to you as a Koda member? Learn more here. 

Log on to My Koda

The first time you log on to My Koda, you will need to create a profile. Online profiles are not automatically generated when you sign up as a member. Once your profile is complete, make sure that you register your works and report your concerts with us. My Koda is your gateway to distributions from us.

Register your works

You will only receive distributions from us if your works have been registered. So it is important that you submit registration of works whenever you write new music, preferably 14 days prior to any public performance of that music.
If you write music in collaboration with others, you can read more about how to divide the shares to your works here

Report your concerts

If you give concerts, don’t forget to report them to us no later than one month after they took place. We recommend that you begin by registering your works and then wait a few days until they appear in your list of works. Then submit your concert reports. You might want to create a set list that you can use for multiple concerts.

When does Koda make distributions?

Koda makes distributions every month, but this does not mean that all areas have monthly distributions – in some cases, distributions are carried out quarterly or annually. To see exactly when we distribute revenues for which areas, check our distribution schedule

Your account information on My Koda provides plenty of detail on your distributions, and you can search the data by period and by work. You might want to watch this video guide on searching your account if you want to look up detailed information. 


Apply for funding and grants
Koda Kultur

As a member of Koda, you can apply for funding from Koda’s Cultural Contributions. Koda Kultur manages more than 25 different grants and funding schemes, and you can now apply for them from a single portal.

How to apply


  • There are more than 25 different grants all in all. If you are unsure which of the grants are relevant to your needs, use the search guide on the front page to identify your best options.
  • If you want an overview of all the grant schemes available, you can also view a list of every option.
  • Click on individual schemes to read more about their specific criteria and deadlines.

You can also find many other private and public grants and subsidy schemes HERE (in Danish)

Do you publish music for streaming and download?

If you publish your music digitally, making it available for streaming and download, you’ll go through an aggregator that uploads your music to the various services. Don’t forget to register your works at My Koda and to fill in a digital track report on koda.dk. You’ll need an ISRC code to do that – and you get that code from Gramex. Ideally, we should receive your submission no later than 14 days before you release your work.

Do you write music in collaboration with people abroad?

If you write music in collaboration with composers and lyricists abroad, you need to register your work on My Koda and possibly also with another collective rights management society abroad. To do that, you’ll need an IPI number – a unique, international identifying number assigned to every songwriter/publisher. You can find your IPI number under your profile on My Koda. Don’t forget to get your international collaborators’ IPI numbers too – you’ll need them on My Koda.