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My Koda releases

In the list below, you can acquaint yourself with the latest improvements and bug corrections at My Koda.

Release 5/31/2024

  • Work list: 'New works registered by others' now show works again.

Publication 3/14/2024

  • Report concert: If a concert is reopened, it can now be edited in the comment field.

Publication 2/29/2024

  • Worklist: There is help text for the selection of blocked works.
  • Commercials: Extra help text when uploading an audio file.
  • Complaint: Error with work number.
  • Concert list: Better text of the status of a foreign concert.
  • Profile Information: Problems adding TIN/zip code/city.
  • Report concert: When updating, there was an error in the comment field.

Release 2/1/2024

  • Account overview: Only pool numbers are shown on publisher profiles.
  • General meeting: Powers of attorney are made in two versions, for authors and publishers.
  • Concert list: On the front page, 'not fully reported' concerts are now displayed by reporting date <1 year instead of by performance date.
  • Worklist: Optimizing the search function especially on categories.

Release 1/15/2024

  • Concert Setlists: Headings are not displayed correctly at the search for works.
  • Profile information: TIN no. is added to all foreign profiles. Country table is separated from country tables elsewhere on My Koda, and the Faroe Islands are added to the country table.
  • Report concert for 'non-members': The work search image is folded out from the start.
  • Tip: A tip can be added at the top of various pages on My Koda. Here the color has been changed so that the text can be read better.

Release 12/14/2023

  • Concert List: Sharing concert list showed incorrect venue details, but now works again.
  • Worklist: When using the button: "Title, duration and band name correction", it should not be possible to enter data in the ISRC code field. If you have corrections, send an email as soon as possible to [email protected].
  • Worklist: Excel/Pdf now works, also when 'Category' is selected.
  • Analysis: Errors in the display when filtering on subareas are solved.
  • Advertising information: There was an error regarding to the file size of the audio file.

Release 11/24/2023

  • Work list: A checkmark is displayed when works are blocked or in 'dispute'.
  • Work list: Design with right-aligned columns.
  • Work search: Adding ISRC codes can also be added from here.
  • Register work: The "Calculate standard distribution" button has been made clearer.
  • Report concert: Help box on the right.
  • Advertising information module: When uploading an audio file that is too large, an error message appears.

Release 9/12/2023

  • Register work: The publisher receives a receipt with a role on the publisher.
  • Work Search: Publishers have had problems opening details for certain works, but this has now been resolved.
  • Work search: From Work search, ISRC code can now also be added.
  • Work list: Now 'Category' can be used again, also for over 100 works.
  • Report a concert: There is now an asterix next to a Danish postcode when creating a venue/organizer.
  • Report concert: The field 'Concert' is pre-filled at the start of the report, so you don't have to use the mouse.

Release 8/15/2023

  • Report concert for 'non-members': A direct access has been made to be able to report which repertoire is played at concerts, even if you are not a member and have a profile for My Koda. This direct access is for e.g. choirs and managers. Contact [email protected] if interested. Look here.
  • Complaint: There is now a help text on 'Broadcast title' and 'Country'.
  • Register work: It is now possible to use an apostrophe in 'Alternative title'.
  • Report concert: The works search image remains open for the next search.
  • Report concert/Setlists: The help text are now at its right place in 'Search work'.
  • Worklist: The 'Details' button is now called 'Filtering'.
  • Worklist: When using the button "Correction of title etc." the distribution page must be inactive.
  • Account summary: Publishers have requested a pool number for the individual payment in the description.
  • Agreements: For some publishers the filtering now work on original and sub publishers.

Release 5/30/2023

  • Work list/Work registration: It is now possible to register your advertising information and upload an audio file either at the Work list or when you register a new work.

Release 5/11/2023

  • Works list/Works search: ISRC codes can be seen on the works.
  • Front page: Small adjustment of layout on the login page.

Release 5/8/2023

  • Transport overview: For publishers. Now the display of the Transport overview works again.
  • Work list: Register work from a 'non-registered' work has NOT worked from 25 of April at 11AM to 8 of May at 5PM, even if the member has received emails with receipt. If the work is not on the Work List, register the works again. We are sorry.

Release 4/25/2023

  • Work registration: Title fields must be extended up to 60 characters.

Release 3/28/2023

  • Work search: If a work is used in a film, there will be a link from the work to the Film/TV search (for all works, including the works of others).
  • Work registration: It is now not possible to write in lowercase letters in the ISRC code.

Release 3/10/2023

  • Menu: On mobile view, it was not possible to see the menu, for example to log out.
  • General Meeting: The registration page for the General Meeting has been made ready.

Release 2/22/2023

  • Work registration: If you choose to add an alternative title, you can now also choose which type of alternative title it is, e.g. "First line of the text" or "Incorrect title".
  • Work registration: You can add the ISRC code on new works and in the Work list on already registered works.
  • Work list: Mouseover help text on Excel/Pdf about max 100 works in the simple extract.
  • List of works: You can now search in several ways in your own list of works, for example a search in combination with a co-rightholder's surname or IPI number, or on a work number.

Release 2/3/2023

  • Koncertliste: I deling af koncertliste med anden rettighedshaver kan man nu igen søge rettighedshaveren frem via IPI-nummer.
  • Værkliste: I listen 'Nye værker registreret af andre' kan man nu igen klikke på 'Læst' og værkerne forsvinder med det samme i denne liste.

Release 1/20/2023

  • Register work for publishers: Possibility of a share of 1% for publishers is now possible.
  • Register work: The subject field of the receipt email now shows the title of the work.
  • Register work: You can again use the expand name in search in 'Add rights holder'.
  • Register work: Comment field with countdown does not go into negative numbers anymore.
  • Works list: The list of 'New works registered by others' now updates again.
  • Worklist for publishers: At work details you can use the link to go to the Film search.
  • General assembly: New page for General assemply.

Release 12/13/2022

  • Account summary: Bug with displaying shares on payment of 'first performance award', where several lines were added together and could form shares of 200%, has been resolved.
  • Concert list: Danish concerts listed as 'Distributed' in the Concert List change the display/amount in 'Upcoming payment' immediately.

Release 11/28/2022

  • Work list: The view "Works notified by others" works again. On the view, you can approve the work registration by clicking "Read" next to the work.

Release 11/17/2022

  • Work list: New fields for filtering / searching for works. Now you can search in combination of your own works with the name of another member or IPI number - and you can search by work title or work number.
  • Register work: Fixed issues with adding a member with an apostrophe in the name.
  • Analysis: The "Cinema" area has been moved to the correct area so that it is not under "Mechanical" but under "Performance".

Release 8/23/2022

  • Register work: You can add rights holders to your favorite list by searching for them, click to favourite, and at the next registration the names will be visible in your favorite list.
  • Report concert: The design of the favorite button at choosing venue now have a distinction between clicking 'Select' next to the venue and "Add to favourite".
  • Register work: A scroll panel has been created by name if you have many pseudonyms.

Release 6/17/2022

  • Work list / Register work: If there are changes to title, alternative title, duration or band name, these corrections must be made via the Work list and the "Corrections to title, duration and band name" button. As a result, Koda avoids a lot of manual corrections against our international work database ICE. This does not apply to works with publishers on them.

Release 6/7/2022

  • Account overview: Excel / Pdf file with shares and start / end date must be as on the web.
    Complaint: Receipt email is sent as soon as the complaint is created.
  • Documentation: Banner on My Koda should only be displayed for new / relevant documents.

Release 4/29/2022

  • Concert list: It is possible to share your Concert List, for example with others in the band or a publisher.
  • Work list: We have removed the comment button "Error on the work?" on the Work List as it did not dove.
  • Account overview: Display is now correct on online amounts in relation to transfer and mechanical shares.
  • Register work: If ‘version of free work / protected work’ has been selected, a helpful text will appear on the receipt to send documentation to the music advisor / Repertoire department.

Release 3/4/2022

  • Language Danish / English: Language selection is now remembered when, for example, going from English Koda website to English My Koda, to menu items.
  • Complaint module: Asterisks have been placed at mandatory fields.
  • Report concert, Artists: It is possible to delete / hide artist names that are no longer used for concert reporting.

Release 2/10/2022

  • Work search: You can search by artist name.
  • Search for work: It can be seen on the work which artists have performed the work in public.
  • Concert list: Now a concert report, which is a duplicate to another report, is called a "duplicate" for reasons of rejection instead of "rejected".

Release 02/02/2022

  • Report concert: Validation of the fields on fees, comments, etc.
  • Report concert: The comment field has increased the number of characters.
  • Report concert: You can now choose where the receipt email should be sent to.
  • Report Concert: Asterisk star has been added to required fields
  • Account overview: Text about transports is now also displayed on "View: Account" on those who have transports.
  • Register work: The function "Add work with the same information" will now no longer transfer the comment field.
  • Worklist: A problem with copyright units has been fixed.
  • Tool Search: Error displaying too many details has been fixed.
  • Job search: Now you can search again for a complete / exact title.

Release 11/24/21

  • Register work, Add copyright holder: You can now click on the Select button next to the name under Add rights holder- search in Register work. In other words, you no longer have to wait for all works on the person to open up.
  • Register work, Text box: A small text box within non-mandatory fields.

Release 11/15/21

  • Worklist search does not return results if the entire title is typed
    Report concert - there are problems with updating the Concert List and creating a Concert Organizer.

Release 9/30/21

  • Account: Transport view in Excel / Pdf shows the amount of all rights holders under all the names.
  • Account: Excel / Pdf can now be switched between.
  • Account: Excel now shows a column whether it is resp. author or publisher (eg for transports).
  • Register work: Choose where the receipt email is to be sent to.
  • Search for movies / Appointments: Work details open up in a new window, so that the search result is still available.

Release 9/21/21

  • Register work: New design of 'Register work'. All points are there, but have been folded and moved around, so it should seem simpler to register a work.
  • Work list: Error views in Work list are corrected, for example that the same work appears several times or that long titles fill two lines.
  • Register work: Easier to choose the right co-author in search in 'Register work'.
  • Work list: Possibility to put a sign on the Work List if, for example, there are "delays in work registrations".
  • Work list: The author can now also (like publishers) see ‘Work details’ and see distribution for a country other than Denmark in relation to the publishing agreement.
  • Report concert: When opening a submitted concert, the 'Concert' field is now automatically ticked.
  • Report concert: Error with Report concert when it does not want to send / save - and the concert reporting comes in without info.
  • Concert list: Sorting on Concert list extended.
  • Account, front page: On the front page in the left box, the "Next payout date" has been added, so that members can see when they can expect 'Earned money' to be paid out.
  • Account, front page: Payment calendar / date in the Help box.
  • Account: Better display on the Account Summary, where you see after sorting by amount instead of title and lines PR / MR merged into amounts so that it does not fill infinitely many lines.
  • Front page: Change log: A wish from the publisher that you can see what has been of the release on My Koda etc.
  • Complaint: On the front page there are now links in the banner, so you can go directly to eg Create complaint - as well as other changes with complaint.
  • Searching for movies (cue sheet): Now the author also has access to search the movie database.
  • Analysis: Export result in relation to filters.