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Mø står stærkt på begge Kodas opgørelser over de mest indtjenende værker i 2017.

Pressefoto: Sony Music

Ruling the Danish charts

Danish singer Mø has soared the charts in recent years – and she is prominently featured in Koda’s two lists of the highest-earning tracks of 2017.

Danish music continues to do well within its domestic market, and Danish acts have been involved in no less than six of the top ten entries on the list of the highest-earning music works in Denmark in 2017.

However, the top spot is held by an American act accompanied by a flock of shock-haired trolls. Justin Timberlake’s high-octane dance track ‘Can't Stop the Feeling!’ from the animated feature film ‘Trolls’ topped charts across the globe, and it also hit the number one spot in Denmark.

In second place, we find the first Danish entry in the top ten: Mø’s ‘Final Song’. The track has achieved platinum status in several countries, and Mø is also involved in yet another song on the list of the highest-earning songs in Denmark in 2017:  Major Lazer’s smash hit ‘Cold Water’, where Justin Bieber and Mø supply the vocals. That song comes in at number nine.

In third place we find the teen wonder of pop, Shawn Mendes, with ‘Treat You Better’; this Canadian singer-songwriter clearly appeals to a wide Danish audience.

Number four is a Danish track, ‘All I Wanna Do’, by the DJ and producer Martin Jensen. Sixth place belongs to Phlake with ‘Angel Zoo’, a track that was also very popular when this Danish duo opened the largest stage at the Roskilde Festival last year.

The seventh and eighth positions are also occupied by two Danish tracks: Blak’s ‘Nede Mette’ and Volbeat’s ‘For evigt’.

Graham still at the top

Even so, the top position of list of the top five highest-earning Koda works abroad in 2017 belongs to another Danish act – the same band who held first place on the list of highest earners abroad in 2016: Lukas Graham with the soul-pop ballad ‘7 Years’. That song earned a prominent place in Danish music history by reaching second place on the US Billboard Hot 100.

The song remains incredibly popular internationally, allowing Lukas Graham to keep their top position on the Koda list.  

Here, too, we find Mø grabbing no less than two slots in the top five. In second place we find ‘Lean On’, a dance track from 2015 which saw Major Lazer collaborate with Mø. The song has become something of a modern classic, and according to Wikipedia more than 13 million copies of the single have been sold. We find Mø again in fourth place with her ‘Final Song’.

The list also sees a Danish pop classic getting a comeback: Aqua’s bubblegum-flavoured ‘Barbie Girl’ is proving almost as durable as the toy that gives the track its name. Originally from 1997, ‘Barbie Girl’ continues to reach new generations of children and young people, for example via streaming services.

In fifth place of the list of the highest-earning Koda tracks abroad, we see the return of a track also featured in the 2016 list: the dance track ‘I Don't Like It, I Love It’ featuring US rapper Flo Rida and singer Robin Thicke. The Danish element was provided by the Danish producer and songwriter Thomas Troelsen.



The Koda Top Ten 2017 - Denmark

The Top Ten lists the musical works that generated the greatest revenues in Denmark in 2017.

Place Name Composer/Writer Artist
1 Can't Stop The Feeling Justin Timberlake/Max Martin/Johan Schuster Justin Timberlake
2 Final Song Karen Marie Ørsted/Jonnali Parmenius/Uzoechi Emenike
3 Treat You Better Shawn Mendes/Teddy Geiger/Scott Harris Shawn Mendes
4 All I Wanna Do

Martin Jensen/Lene Dissing/Peter Bjørnskov/Mads Hjerl-Hansen

Martin Jensen
5 Love Yourself Ed Sheeran/Benny Blanco/Justin Bieber Justin Bieber
6 Angel Zoo Mads Bo Iversen/Jonathan Elkær/Dani Sanjoto/Gíslí Gislason Phlake
7 Nede Mette Besmir Ismaili/Henrik Blak Blak
8 For Evigt Michael Schøn Poulsen Volbeat Ft. Johan Olsen
9 Cold Water Thomas Wesley Pentz/Philip Meckseper/Benjamin Levin/Henry Allen/Justin Bieber/Ed Sheeran/James Christopher Needle/Karen Marie Ørsted
10 Closer Andrew Taggart/Frederic Kennett/Shaun Frank The Chainsmokers Ft. Halsey



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The Koda Top Ten 2017 - Abroad

The Top Ten lists the musical works created or co-created by a Koda member that generated the greatest revenues abroad in 2017.

Place Name Composer/Writer Artsit
1 7 Years Lukas Forchhammer/Stefan Forrest/Morten Ristorp/Morten Pilegaard Lukas Graham
2 Lean On Thomas Wesley Pentz/Karen Marie Ørsted/William Grigahcine/Philip Meckseper Major Lazer feat. MØ
3 Barbie Girl Søren Rasted/Claus Norreen/Renè Dif/Lene Nystrøm Aqua
4 Final Song  Karen Marie Ørsted/Jonnali Parmenius/Uzoechi Emenike
5 I Don'T Like It, I Love It Alexander Izquierdo/Breyan Stanley Isaac/Geoffrey Early/Jamie Sanderson/Gary Rafael Hill/Thomas Troelsen/Tramar Dillard/Yoan Chirescu Flo Rida Feat. Robin Thicke & Verdine White