Info about online voting

At the general meeting in 2019, as something new, you can participate in the polls online. It is a prerequisite that you sign up beforehand, whether you want to participate by turning up at Lautrupsgade or you want to watch streaming and vote online. The deadline for registration is April 24th at 12:00 CET, if you are an author, and April 23th  at 12:00 CET, if you are a publisher. You cannot exercise voting rights unless you have registered before the deadline. 

If you are not sure whether it will be possible for you to participate, we recommend that you sign up and then, eventually, cancel your participation if you end up missing out. This is because you cannot register after the deadline, and you will lose the right to vote if you have not registered. 

If you want to vote online and have registered, you will receive an email before the general meeting containing links to all the votes to be held during the general meeting. 

We will be live-streaming the general meeting so that you can keep up with presentations and discussions. As the items come to the vote, the chairman of the meeting will notify when each vote is on, and you will be able to - via a link in the mail you receive from Koda - to access and participate in the vote. You can only vote on an item when the voting for that particular item is on. 

You can sign up here