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Extraordinary general meeting

Koda’s extraordinary general meeting will be held Tuesday 24 August 2021 at 15.00

The general meeting is held at Koda on 9 Lautrupsgade and will also be streamed live with access for Koda’s members via My Koda. If you wish to vote at the general meeting, you need to sign up no later than 19 August at 12 noon, and of course you also need to be a Koda member who is eligible to vote. You can vote by attending the general meeting in person, vote by proxy (by appointing someone else who attends in person as proxy holder), or by attending online.

At Koda’s regular annual general meeting held on 16 June 2021, three proposals amending Koda’s Articles of Association were adopted. The proposals need to be finally adopted at an extraordinary general meeting.

Amendments to the Articles of Association require at least half of Koda’s voting members to be present. If this requirement is not fulfilled, the amendment must be adopted by 2/3 of the votes at the annual general meeting, and then subsequently adopted at an extraordinary general meeting. The final adoption at the extraordinary general meeting requires a majority of at least 2/3 of the votes, regardless of the number of eligible voters present.

Sign up no later than 19 August

The registration deadline is Thursday 19 August at 12 noon. The deadline applies regardless of whether you want to register to participate in person or online, or whether you want to vote by proxy, thereby appointing someone else to vote on your behalf.

If you are unsure of whether you can participate physically, we encourage you to sign up anyway to be on the safe side: signing up within the deadline is a prerequisite for being able to vote.

You can always notify us that you are unable to attend after all – or participate online.

Sign up here


Agenda and proposals
  1. Appointing a chair for the meeting
  2. Proposal to ban dual mandates (amendment of Section 7(2))
  3. Proposal to elect publisher and author members every year (amendment of Section 7 (5(6)))
  4. Proposal for editorial changes to Koda’s Articles of Association
  5. Any other business


Voting by proxy and deadlines

If you cannot attend Koda’s general meeting yourself, you can vote by proxy.

Koda’s articles of association stipulate two limitations on designating others as proxy holders:

  1. An author cannot assign a music publisher as a proxy holder, and a music publisher cannot assign an author as a proxy holder.
  2. A proxy holder can hold proxies from a maximum of two Koda members who are eligible to vote.
    No other limitations apply.
Deadline for submitting proxy forms

Proxies are only valid when issued and signed using Koda’s proxy form, and Koda must receive the proxy no later than Thursday 19 August 12.00, either physically or via email at Bear in mind that proxy holders must bring the proxy forms along to the general meeting in physical form. Other than this, proxy holders do not have to register to utilise their proxies, but they still need to register if they will also be voting on their own behalf.

Download the proxy form here

Voting by proxy at Koda’s general meetings can only be done by proxy holders who turn up in person. Proxies cannot be used online.

If you appoint someone else to vote by proxy on your behalf, this is in itself considered the equivalent of signing up to attend, so you do not need to sign up as a participant yourself. If you are not quite sure whether you might participate yourself after all, sign up within the deadline just to be on the safe side.

Follow the general meeting and vote online

You can watch the general meeting live via streaming, and you can also cast your votes digitally via a voting portal. If you have registered beforehand in due time (no later than 19 august at noon) and have the right to vote as a Koda member, you will receive, on the day of the general meeting, an email that enables you to vote when the chairman calls for votes.

Koda’s Articles of Association

Download Koda’s Articles of Association