Register your digital releases

If you publish music for streaming or download, you must assign ISRC codes to your tracks via Gramex. If you publish on CD or vinyl, you also need to register with NCB. Furthermore, it is important that you fill in this form:


Please submit the form 14 days before releasing your music

We use the information about your release in our track database, which is matched up against streaming and download services and other online services. It is important to ensure that we can link up your work registration on My Koda  and this form with the ISRC code. We urge you to submit it as soon as possible and preferably before making your release.

Why are there special deadlines for works featured on streaming services?

In order to receive payment when a work is streamed, the work must be registered with Koda before it is released. This is because on streaming services, Koda is just one among several societies that each handle their own repertoires for the Danish territory. This means that Koda can only invoice the streaming services for the use of a work once the work has been registered with Koda, either by the authors themselves or their publishers, if any. In other words, Koda cannot collect payment on your behalf until the work documentation is in place.

The streaming services receive bills for the use of music several times for each period. This means that it is possible to make retroactive payments for works that are registered or updated after being released. However, there is a time limit on such arrears invoicing, and as a right holder you run the risk of losing out on your payment altogether if the work registration is not in place in time. If Koda’s repertoire is unrightfully claimed by other actors, it is important to have proper work registration in place in order to resolve any conflict.