June 2018

The June distribution was transferred to Koda members on 6 June 2018.

Music used in Q4 2017

The June distribution includes performances in Q4 of 2017 for all areas that fall within the scope of Koda’s quarterly distributions. For a list of areas where distributions are made quarterly, see the distribution schedule

Semi-annual and annual distributions 2017

The June distribution also includes distributions covering the second half of 2017 for a range of TV channels, including Discovery Network Denmark’s channels and TV3.

In terms of concerts, the distribution includes subsidised concerts given in 2017 and concerts given by the DR ensembles and Denmark’s regional orchestras during the second half of 2017.

The June distribution also includes distributions for Background music and DR On Demand, covering all of 2017.


You can find more details about all areas here:

Quarterly distribution for Q4 2016

The June distribution includes distributions for music use in Q4 2016 on:

  • All DR TV channels
  • TV2's nationwide TV channels. 
All annually distributed TV areas

All annual distributions within TV are now ready to be carried out. They cover the following areas:

  • TV3
  • Kanal 4
  • Kanal 5
  • 6eren
  • Discovery Denmark
  • Animal Planet
  • TLC
  • ID
  • TV2 Regionerne
  • DK4
  • VH1

Several of these distributions were previously made in September or December, but have now been brought forward. Overall, this is a result of the efforts made to expedite the collecting and processing of reports within the individual areas. For example, this means that Koda now receives reporting sooner from several TV channels, and that more and more data is identified by means of automatch, meaning that no manual resources are required.

Koda’s collaboration with DK4 on reporting has received particular attention, meaning that distributions are now, after a period of incomplete reporting, once again carried out on the basis of full reporting for the channel’s entire programming schedule.

DR radio, commercial radio stations and Faroese radio

The June distribution covers music played in Q4 2016 on:

DR radio channels
  • P1
  • P2
  • P3
  • P4
  • DAB channels
All commercial radio stations
  • The Voice
  • Radio 100
  • My Rock
  • Nova
  • Several smaller stations
Faeroese radio channel
  • Kringvarp

The distributions also include the annual distribution for all of 2016 for local radio stations.

Video on demand

The June distribution includes distributions for Netflix for Q4 2016. The distribution for TV2 Play for all of 2016 has been brought forward to this distribution. As of September this year, distributions for TV2 Play will be made quarterly, meaning that the service will be aligned with the general distribution frequency for all TV2 TV channels.

Distributions for the rest of the VOD area (Video On Demand, streaming services for film and TV content) will be made in September.

Streaming and download services

The June distribution includes distributions for the following streaming services and periods:

  • Spotify: November 2016 – January 2017
  • iTunes: June 2016
  • YouTube: 2016
  • Tidal: November – December 2016
  • Google Play: April – September 2016

TDC Play is not included in this distribution; since December 2016 there have been problems with the reporting received from TDC. Work to resolve this issue is still in progress.

The payments from two services – iTunes (Q3 2016) and YouTube (Q1 2017) – were received too late to be included in this distribution. They will be included in the September distribution instead.

About distributions from YouTube

The June distribution for YouTube consists of revenues for 2016 that could not be matched to any reporting, which is why we have been unable to distribute them before now. The money is now being distributed on the basis of the previously processed 2016 reports that have already formed the basis for the primary distributions.


Distributions for concerts from Q4 2016

The June distribution includes distributions for Q4 for all quarterly distributed concert areas. See which areas are included here

First distribution under the new subsidised concert scheme

The new subsidy scheme enters into force with this distribution, which covers concerts performed during the second half of 2016.

Supplementary distributions according to the old scheme

The June distribution also includes supplementary distributions for a few subsidised concerts –performed during the first half of 2016 or before – that fall under the auspices of the old scheme.

It has not been possible to gather reports from DR’s choirs and orchestras from this period, which means that this particular distribution has been postponed to September.  Even so, the June distribution will include a few subsidised DR concerts. These are concerts that have been reported by members or by external co-arrangers, or which have been subsidised on the basis of applications.


The June distribution includes distributions to a total of DKK 17.7 million for performances of Koda members’ repertoire abroad.

The list below shows the five countries that generated the largest revenues for distribution by Koda. The parentheses show the three areas that accounted for the largest revenues received from that particular country.

  1. Great Britain (TV, Online, Radio)
  2. Sweden (Online, Concert, Other)
  3. France (TV, Radio, Concert)
  4. Norway (TV, Radio, Concert)
  5. Italy (Concert, TV, Disco)

Most of the DKK 17.7 million received from abroad was generated within the field of TV (28%), followed by Radio (20%) and Concerts (13%).

No distributions from Germany

The June distribution does not include funds from Germany.

Koda has received no money from GEMA (the German counterpart to Koda) for more than two years now. This is because GEMA is awaiting a ruling from the German tax authorities, which need to approve a double taxation agreement between Germany and Denmark. Until this ruling is in place, the distributions from GEMA will remain delayed. You will not lose any money; the funds are simply accumulated at GEMA until the agreement comes through. 

Online performances in Sweden

For the first time since 2015, the distribution also includes distributions for online mechanical performances on the following Swedish services:

  • Spotify
  • SVT Play
  • TV4 Play
  • Kanal 5 Play
  • Kanal 9 Play
  • Kanal 11 Play
  • YouTube Northern and Baltic Territories
  • iTunes Download Nordic & Baltic
  • Google Play Streaming North & Baltic Territories
Soundcloud in Great Britain

The June distribution also marks the first time ever that Koda carries out distributions for performances on one of the world’s leading social audio platforms, Soundcloud.

In 2015, PRS (the British counterpart to Koda) entered into a multi-territory agreement with Soundcloud; an agreement that includes the UK and Europe. The agreement also includes all usage of the service right from the point it was launched. Distributions are now made for the use of Koda members’ repertoire, primarily in Great Britain.  

Like all of Koda’s distributions from abroad, no deductions for administration costs are made to this distribution.

Adjusting the March distribution from Sweden

In connection with the March 2017 distribution, an input error occurred in connection with performances in Sweden. As a result, the distribution was not correct. We reprocessed the input for the June distribution, correcting the relevant figures to ensure that everyone receives the money to which they are entitled.

If your March distribution included distributions from Sweden, you will see two additional entries in your account statement on My Koda.

  • The first entry is labelled 'Regulering udland 2017/Adjustment Abroad 2017’. It deducts the relevant amount from your March distribution (resetting the amount distributed in March).
  • The second entry is labelled 'Udland juni 2017/Abroad June 2017'. It constitutes your “regular” June distribution for music use abroad, which includes the correct amount that you should have received in March.
What does this mean to me? 

Most rightsholders will find that they now receive a slightly larger amount than before. However, if you were among those rightsholders whose March distributions were too high as a result of the error, you will find that the corrected amount is smaller than before. If you have any questions about your distribution from Sweden, please contact Koda by sending your query to medlem@koda.dk or by calling (+45) 3330 6380.

Background music

The June distribution includes distributions for background music for 2016. This area has been expanded, introducing an extra section based on reporting. This is because it is now possible to collect new reporting from a well-established music service that supplies in-store music solutions to a wide range of retail businesses. As a result, we have added the category “Other retail shops with reporting”, which means that distributions for eight out of thirteen sections within the “Background music” area are now distributed on the basis of reporting.  

Other areas and NCB
Films in cinemas and Planetariet

The distributions for music used in cinemas in 2016 have been brought forward to be included in the June distribution. This was made possible by the fact that Koda received data from Statistics Denmark in time for us to complete our processing sooner. The distribution also includes music used in films screened at the Planetariet in 2016, as well as music used on Greenlandic planes in 2016.

Distributions from NCB

The June distribution includes distributions for offline use and older online use via NCB. For more about the NCB distribution, see the NCB newsletter