September 2021

Koda’s September 2021 distribution took place on Thursday 16 September. For a full overview of the areas and performance periods included, see the Koda distribution schedule

TV and Radio

The September distribution covers all TV and Radio areas where distributions are made monthly. It primarily concerns performances in June, but in several areas you will also find that performances from July have already been reported, processed and are ready for distribution. The September distribution also includes monthly distributions for music used in commercials on channels such as TV3 +, TV3 Puls, National Geographic and Eurosport 1.

The distribution also covers the first half of 2021 as regards the TV2 regions as well as the Viasat Film and Series channels (Action, Family, Hits, Premiere, Serie). As regards radio, the distribution covers the first half of 2021 for Grønlandsk Radio.


In the Online area, the September distribution includes quarterly distributions for streaming services such as Spotify, Nuuday (formerly TDC Play) and YouTube. Please note that the distribution relating to Spotify and YouTube also includes direct distributions for the use of Koda members’ works in other European countries. This cash flow has previously gone via Koda’s sister societies abroad, but now Koda has – via the joint Nordic hub, Polaris – entered into a pan-European agreement which means that Koda handles the processes for invoicing and reporting. The direct distribution for streaming abroad began with the June distribution, which included Spotify, but now YouTube is included too. For an overview of specific services and periods, see the distribution schedule

The September distribution also includes quarterly distribution for the VOD services Netflix (covering Q4 of 2020) and TV2 Play (Q1 of 2021). In addition, annual distributions are made for several of the annually paid online areas for performances in 2020. These include Filmstriben, Instore Radio (music solutions for stores, bars, etc.), specially composed music on websites, and Podcasts.

First performance awards, Film and TV in education and Blank media

The September distribution includes first performance awards for performances in 2020. First performance awards are assigned to works performed publicly for the first time in Denmark, Greenland or the Faroe Islands and are added on top of the standard distribution you have already received for the performance.

The September distribution also covers Film in education and TV in education 2020 as well as Blank audio and video media 2020.

Concert and Abroad

As regards concerts, the September distribution covers all concerts where the music reporting has been processed and completed and where Koda has received all necessary information from the concert promoter (for example about ticket revenues per concert).

As regards distributions from abroad, the largest distributions come from Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Most of the revenues received from Germany cover performances on TV and Radio from some time ago (primarily from 2019), which Koda has only recently received. The distribution from France primarily covers performances within the Online and TV areas in Q4 of 2020 and Q1 of 2021, and the revenues from the UK mostly concern distributions for TV and Radio for Q1 2021 and the Online area for 2020 and earlier.