May 2021

The May distribution 2021 took place on Thursday 20 May. For a total overview of the areas and performance periods covered by the distribution, see the Koda distribution schedule 

TV and Radio

The May distribution includes all areas of TV and Radio where distributions are made monthly. The distribution primarily covers performances in February, but in several areas you will find that performances from March have already been fully reported and processed, enabling distributions now.

For the first time in 2021, distributions are made for the TV channels Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and TLC, covering performances in January and February. 2021 distributions for the remaining Discovery channels (Kanal 4, Kanal 5, 6eren etc.) are awaiting implementation of a new reporting format, but will begin as soon as possible.

Within the field of radio, the May distribution also includes the annual distribution for Radio Klassisk 2020. 

TV3 Sport and TV3 Max         

The distribution includes revenues from the TV channels TV3 Sport and TV3 Max covering the period 2017 to 2019. This covers revenues from TV distribution where distribution – either by Koda or Koda’s affiliates – has not been possible until now due to lacking or incomplete music reporting.

Koda has now entered into a partnership with the music monitoring company BMAT, which has monitored the relevant channels and identified a large part of the music used. For 2018, it has been possible to acquire full music reporting for the entire year; for the other years, the distribution is based on representative samples consisting of, respectively, six months’ reporting (for 2017) and two months’ reporting (for 2019).

The distribution also covers music used in commercials during the period 2017 to 2020. This is based on separate reporting specifically on commercials, which covers the full programming schedule for each year for both TV3 Sport and TV3 Max.

Background Music 2020

The May distribution includes revenues generated within the field of Background Music in 2020, which is based on a revised calculation model for the area. Sadly, the COVID-19 crisis has brough on a marked decline in revenues from several areas associated with background music.

The distribution of specific amounts to the individual sections within the overall Background Music area is still income-based: the specific income category determines which section the amounts are allocated to and distributed from. As regards background revenues of a general nature, these are distributed proportionately based on information on music sources provided directly by Koda’s customers. Thus, this is a dynamic model that reflects the customers’ actual music use.

The Background Music area still comprises a range of different sections. The revenues allocated to these sections are mostly distributed on the basis of direct reporting from professional providers (in-store radios and other streaming solutions) while others are distributed on the basis of reporting from other representative areas. You can read more about the background sections here 

As regards the section ‘Streaming service – commercial’, the distribution only covers the first half of 2020, as reporting from the second half is delayed. For all other sections, the May distribution covers all of 2020. 

Online area and Cinema

Withing the Online area, the May distribution includes the annual distribution for the film rental service YouSee/Blockbuster, covering rentals in 2020.

The May distribution also includes music in films shown in Danish cinemas in 2020. Cinema-related distributions are based on figures from Statistics Denmark showing the number of tickets sold per film.


As regards music use abroad, Koda regularly distributes the revenues received from other collective rights management societies for the use of Koda members’ music abroad. Koda’s rate of distributions depends on the relevant societies’ distribution frequency and speed within their various distribution areas.

Prior to the May distribution, Koda has received major quarterly settlements from sister societies in Finland (TEOSTO) and Norway (TONO), respectively, meaning that a significant part of the revenues distributed this time concerns the use of Koda members’ music in these countries. The May distribution covers performances within various distribution areas up to and including Q3 2020.

Background music

Background music is the music you hear in shops, restaurants, cafés, clubs, at the hair salon and so on. Every year, we receive tens of millions of kroner for such mechanical music use. Learn more here