March 2021

The March distribution 2021 will take place on Thursday 18 March. For a total overview of the areas and performance periods covered by the distribution, see the distribution schedule

TV and Radio – Distribution for January 2021 for TV 2

The March distribution covers all performances in December 2020 for those TV and Radio areas where distributions are carried out monthly. As regards channels operated by TV2, the March distribution also features the first distributions for 2021, covering the month of January. For most of the other monthly distributed areas, distributions for 2021 will begin as of April.

Within the field of TV, the March distribution also covers the second half of 2020 for TV 2 Regions as well as all of 2020 for VH1. Within the field of radio, the March distribution also covers the second half of 2020 for Greenlandic radio.

DR January 2021 – postponed until April

Unfortunately, Koda has not yet received the information necessary to calculate DR’s on-account payments to Koda. This means that settlements for music use on DR’s radio and TV channels in January 2021 is not included in the March distribution as planned; however, it is expected to be ready for the next distribution in April.


As regards the Online area, the March distribution includes quarterly distributions for Netflix Q2 2020 and for the second half of 2020 for TV2 Play. In addition, the distribution includes quarterly payouts for music streaming services such as Spotify, YouSee Musik (Nuuday) and YouTube. For specific periods and services, see the distribution schedule


As far as concerts are concerned, the March 2021 distribution includes all concerts where full reporting has been submitted and processed and where Koda has received all necessary information from the concert promoter (for example about ticket revenues per concert). As has previously been mentioned, the 2020 distribution rates for ​​concerts have been reduced compared to 2019, as the COVID-19 crisis has obviously caused a marked reduction in concert activity.

The distribution also includes concerts featuring regional orchestras and DR ensembles held during 2020.


Prior to the March 2021 distribution, Koda has received substantial quarterly settlements from sister societies in Sweden (Stim), France (Sacem) and Belgium (SABAM), meaning that this distribution covers the use of Koda members’ music in these countries. The settlements received cover performances within a range of distribution areas, primarily in 2020, but also includes funds covering previous periods

In addition, Koda has received its annual settlement from the Chinese society MCSC, which is also being distributed now. The distribution primarily concerns performances on online media in 2018.

In addition, the distribution includes settlements from Norway (Tono) and Finland (Teosto) concerning online use of music in the period 2016–17; for various reasons, the two societies have found themselves unable to distribute these funds until now.