June 2021

Koda’s June 2021 distribution took place on Thursday 17 June. For a full overview of the areas and performance periods included, see the Koda distribution schedule

TV and Radio

The June distribution covers all TV and radio areas where distributions are made monthly. It primarily concerns performances in March, but in several areas you will also find that performances from April have already been reported, processed and are ready for distribution. The June distribution also includes monthly distributions for music used in commercials on channels such as TV3 +, TV3 Puls, National Geographic and Eurosport 1.

The distribution for DR radio and Commercial radio also includes the final settlement for the performance year 2020.

Streaming – Direct distribution from Spotify abroad

Koda is now making its first-ever distribution of revenues received through direct licensing of Koda members’ repertoire to Spotify abroad. This cash flow has previously been handled via Koda’s sister societies abroad, but as of September 2020, Koda has – via the joint Nordic hub, Polaris – entered into a pan-European agreement which means that Koda now handles the relevant invoicing and reporting processes itself.

With this change, Koda takes charge of ensuring correct streaming distributions from abroad, and furthermore it allows Koda’s members to follow their streaming revenues from abroad on My Koda, specified by country. On My Koda, the Spotify distributions from countries other than Denmark will appear under Online alongside the Danish revenues from Spotify. However, distributions for performances from before September 2020 will still arrive via sister societies and appear under the heading ‘Abroad’ on My Koda.

Polaris Hub has also entered into multi-territorial agreements with other services (including Apple Music and YouTube), but in those cases the first periods covered by the agreement have not been fully processed, meaning that they will be paid out at a later date.

The June distribution also includes distributions for Danish performances on streaming services such as Spotify, YouSee Musik (Nuuday) and Beat. For specific periods and services, see the distribution schedule 

Interactive TV services and VOD

The June distribution includes distribution for Interactive TV services, covering music use in 2020. The area concerns TV distributors (such as YouSee and Stofa) who make broadcasts from the TV channels in their cable packages available digitally. More specifically, the distributions cover the use that occurs when broadcasts are started over or watched via catch-up functions on the providers’ digital platforms. Distributions for this area were previously done in September, but this year they have been moved forward and are made in June instead. Read more about interactive TV services

Within the field of VOD, the June distribution includes a quarterly distribution for Netflix 2020 Q3 as well as an annual distribution for Viaplay 2020 (covering both the subscription service and the movie rental portal) and for iTunes VOD, the latter covering the period 2018 to 2020.

The distribution also covers DR On Demand 2020, which includes programme content from the channels DR3, DRK and DR Ultra, which as of 2020 have ceased to be flow channels and are now available for On Demand viewing on DRTV.

Online AV without reporting

This distribution includes arrears payment of amounts received for the use of music on multi-territory online AV services (including YouTube). These are amounts received for videos where the service has been unable to identify music via their internal systems, meaning that Koda has receive no reporting on this music.

Covering the period 2018–19, the distribution is made partly on the basis of YouTube settlement data from the periods, and partly on the basis of analogous, representative data from the areas Interactive TV Services and Concert. In settlement documents, the distribution appears under the designation ‘Online AV without reporting’.


As regards concerts, the June distribution covers all concerts where the music reporting has been processed and completed and where Koda has received all necessary information from the concert promoter (for example about ticket revenues per concert). In addition, it includes an annual distribution for subsidised concerts held in 2020. Read more about subsidised concerts.

Abroad and NCB

This field includes a significant distribution for performances of Koda members' works in the UK: ahead of this distribution, Koda received a quarterly settlement from the British copyright management society PRS prior to this distribution. The distribution primarily covers performances in the second half of 2020 within the areas Online and Broadcast.

The June distribution also includes distributions from NCB for physical releases and synchronisation. For more information, see the NCB newsletter