August 2021

Koda’s August 2021 distribution took place on Thursday 19 August. For a full overview of the areas and performance periods included, see the Koda distribution schedule

TV and Radio

The August distribution covers all TV and Radio areas where distributions are made monthly. It primarily concerns performances in May, but in several areas you will also find that performances from June have already been reported, processed and are ready for distribution. The August distribution also includes monthly distributions for music used in commercials on channels such as TV3 +, TV3 Puls, National Geographic and Eurosport 1.

For the first time ever, Koda makes distributions for a number of Viasat Film channels (Action, Family, Hits and Premiere) as well as for Viasat Series. The distribution covers revenues generated in 2020. 

2021 distributions for the Discovery channels Kanal 4, Kanal 5, 6’eren, Kanal 9 and Investigation Discovery are still awaiting clarification of issues associated with the implementation of a new reporting format, but will be launched as soon as possible.

Final distributions for 2020 for DR, TV2 and TV3

The August distribution includes final distributions for 2020 for all TV channels operated by DR and TV2 and for TV3. The final distribution includes the channels where, after all the monthly distributions made during the year, outstanding amounts still remain to be distributed. The final distribution is made on the basis of the works and rightsholders associated with the original distribution and will apportion shares accordingly.


As regards concerts, the August distribution covers all concerts where the music reporting has been processed and completed and where Koda has received all necessary information from the concert promoter (for example about ticket revenues per concert).

Compensation for local sub-publishing 2020

For publisher members, the August distribution includes a so-called ‘Compensation for local sub-publishing’. This distribution is generated by revenues from cable TV and interactive TV Services offered by TV distributors such as YouSee and Stofa.

Read more about Compensation for Local Sub-publishing here her


The August distribution for music used/performed abroad is significant in size. It includes several of the territories/countries from which Koda typically receives the largest revenues.

The distributions are listed below, stating some of the main areas and periods involved. The information is based on the distribution information submitted by the individual societies along with their distribution amounts and data.

Finland: TV, Radio, Background Music and Online – primarily Q4 2020

Sweden: TV, Radio, Concerts, Background Music – second half of 2020, various streaming and VOD services – different periods.

Norway: Television, Radio – Q4 2020, final distributions for TV and Radio – 2020, streaming and VOD services – various periods.

Switzerland: TV, Radio – 2020

USA: TV, Radio and Online – Q3 2020



What are final distributions?

Koda’s monthly distributions are made on an ongoing basis based on a preliminary estimated minute value. When the year is up and the annual financial report has been approved, we draw up a final annual settlement plan that follows up any deviations from the estimated values. It may also occur during the year. 

If it turns out that sufficient amounts remain undistributed within a given area, that amount will be distributed as a supplement to the previous distributions made regarding the given year. The final distribution is made to the works and rightsholders that received funds during the first round of distributions and will be based on the same data as the original distribution.