April 2021

The April distribution 2021 took place on Thursday 15 April. For a total overview of the areas and performance periods covered by the distribution, see the Koda udbetalingskalender distribution schedule

Monthly distributions for TV and Radio performances in 2021 

With this distribution, we begin distributing funds collected for performances in 2021 within most TV and Radio areas where distributions are carried out monthly. This applies to all DR channels, TV3, DK4, Paramount, C More (Hits, First, Stars, Series) and the commercial radio stations. As regards TV2 channels, distributions for performances in 2021 began in March and continue with this distribution.

The distributions primarily cover performances in January, but within several areas you will also find performances from February that have already been reported and fully processed, enabling distributions to be made now.

Concert and Online

As far as concerts are concerned, the April 2021 distribution includes all concerts where full reporting has been submitted and processed and where Koda has received all necessary information from the concert promoter (for example about ticket revenues per concert). Of course, the general lockdown has caused a marked reduction in concert activity, and this distribution primarily covers concerts (including live streaming) held in 2020.

As regards Online use of music, the April distribution includes annual distributions covering all of 2020 for the VOD services Filmstriben and C More.


Among other things, the distribution for music use abroad includes substantial amounts for the use of Koda members’ works in Sweden and the USA, received via the societies STIM and ASCAP. The distributions cover performances within various areas, primarily in 2020, but also include previous periods. In addition, an annual distribution for the use of Koda members’ works in South Korea has been received through the society KOMCA. This distribution primarily concerns online performances up to an including 2020 as well as performances on TV up to and including 2019.

As was mentioned in connection with the most recent distribution, STIM has, in their latest settlement to Koda, withdrawn previously distributed amounts for the VOD service Viaplay and made new distributions instead. This is due to a correction to their processing which has compelled STIM to process the entire area again. Therefore, some members will now find deductions made under the relevant works in the settlement specifications on My Koda. Koda has had no involvement in or influence on this unfortunate error.