September 2020

Koda’s September distribution took place on 17 September. For a complete overview of the areas and performance periods included, see our distribution schedule

Please note that this distribution is extraordinarily large as far as online music use is concerned. This is primarily due to the fact that the September distribution includes our annual distribution for Interactive tv services and distributions for quarterly paid streaming services. It also includes first performance awards for performances in 2019.

Tv and Radio

The September distribution covers June and part of July for those tv and radio areas where distributions are made monthly. Koda also makes its first distribution for the movie channel Paramount, which covers the first six months of 2020.

As regards radio, distributions are made for the Bauer Media radio channels (The Voice, SOFT, NOVA and others) for performances dating from the Q2 of 2020. Distributions for these channels were temporarily postponed due to uncertainties regarding the revenue base as a result of the coronavirus crisis. We have now established a clear overview of the revenues generated, meaning that the monthly distributions can be resumed. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the monthly distributions for other commercial radio channels, which remain temporarily postponed for the same reasons.

The distributions pertaining to radio also include performances on Radio 4 during the period January to May 2020.

Interactive tv services 2019

The September distribution covers consumption in 2019 on the so-called Interactive tv services. This distribution pertains to tv distributors (such as YouSee and Stofa) who make broadcasts from the tv channels included in their cable packages available digitally, too. More specifically, the distribution covers the use taking place when viewers restart a given broadcast or watch it at some other time via the catch-up feature offered on the providers’ digital platforms.

This is to say that the distribution for Interactive tv services cuts across all the various tv channels and includes all channels where Koda also processes reporting for the primary broadcasts. Revenues received for channels that Koda does not manage are passed on to the relevant affiliated performance right organization abroad, which manages reporting and distributions for the specific channels.


This time, the Online area includes quarterly distributions for streaming services such as Spotify, Nuuday (formerly TDC Play) and Apple Music. The September distribution also includes quarterly distributions for the VOD areas Netflix and TV2 Play. In addition, it includes performances in 2019 for several of the annually paid online areas, such as Filmstriben, instore radios (music solutions for shops, bars, etc.) and specially composed music on websites. For an overview of the specific services and periods, see our distribution schedule


As far as concerts are concerned, the September distribution includes all concerts where full reporting has been submitted and processed and where Koda has received all necessary information from the concert promoter (e.g. about ticket revenues per concert). As has previously been mentioned, the 2020 distribution rates for ​​concerts have been reduced compared to 2019, as the coronavirus crisis has obviously caused a marked reduction in concert activity.

Koda is now making its first distributions for live-streaming concerts, which includes concerts for which the concert promoter has entered into a specific live-streaming agreement.

First performances, Film and Tv in education and more

The September distribution includes first performance awards for performances in 2019. This supplement is awarded to works that are performed publicly for the first time in Denmark, Greenland or the Faroe Islands and is distributed in addition to the revenues you have already received for the performance.

The September distribution also covers Films in education and Tv in education. The distribution made for Films in education covers 2018 and 2019 alike, as distributions within this field area have previously been postponed due to new negotiations. The distribution for Tv in education covers 2019.

Moreover, the September distribution covers Blank audio and video media 2019.


Ahead of the September distribution, Koda has received new quarterly settlements from affiliates in the USA (BMI), Japan (JASRAC) and Canada (SOCAN). The distributions primarily cover performances made in Q3 and Q4 2019.