May 2020

Koda’s May distribution 2020 will take place on 14 May.  For a total overview of the areas and performance periods covered, please see Koda’s distribution schedule


As far as concerts are concerned, the May distribution includes all concerts where reporting has been received, fully processed and finalised and where Koda has received all the necessary information from the concert promoter (for example on the ticket revenues generated per concert). For this distribution, we have decided to also include a number of concerts given at regional venues in 2019 even though we have not yet received the specific information to be provided by the concert promoter. We did this to get the money out faster to members who are affected by the abrupt cessation of concert activity due to the coronavirus crisis. Distributions for these concerts will be made according to default rates; the amounts paid out will subsequently be adjusted when specific information is received.

The final distributions for concerts in 2019 are scheduled for August. We are still working on collecting the outstanding concert reports from 2019, and to help us include everything in the August distributions, we encourage all members who give concerts to:

please submit any outstanding concerts reports from 2019 no later than 14 June 2020


Within the field of ‘Background’ music, the May distribution covers the second half of 2019 for the areas ‘Daytime Radio’ and ‘Music for fitness'; distributions for both of these areas are made on the basis of reporting received within the field of radio. It also includes distributions covering all of 2019 for the areas ‘Recorded music’ and ‘Evergreen’; these too are made on the basis of reports received within other relevant areas.

You can find more information on the individual background areas here

Radio and TV

As far as radio and TV channels with monthly distributions are concerned, the May distribution covers all performances made in February and, for some areas, March as well.

As you might recall from the April distribution, the point values for 2020 have been estimated conservatively due to uncertainties about the revenue base, meaning that in most cases they will be slightly lower than in 2019. We also expect further reductions to be required in certain areas (especially within commercial radio) where the financial impact of the corona crisis will have a knock-on effect on customers’ payments to Koda. We will elaborate on this point in the upcoming June distribution.

In addition, the distribution covers Uptown TV as well as Uptown Jule-TV for both 2018 and 2019.


Koda regularly and continuously distributes the amounts received from various affiliated societies for the use of Koda members’ music abroad. These distributions are governed by the distribution frequency and speed of the individual societies within their various areas.

Prior to making this distribution, Koda has received a number of large quarterly settlements from several of the societies from which Koda typically receives the largest amounts. Below, these settlements are listed while stating some of the primary areas and periods included. The information is based on the information submitted by each individual society along with their distribution and associated data.

  • Norway: TV, Radio (NRK radio and TV, TV2, TV Norge) – Q3 2019, Online (Netflix – Q2 2019, Viaplay – Q1 2019), Private copying levy – 2018
  • Great Britain: TV (BBC2 Network), Online (Apple Music, Spotify, Netflix), DJ Events, Live Major Events – Q3 and Q4  2019.
  • Finland: TV, Radio, Background (Q3 2019)
  • USA (BMI): TV, Online (Audio and Audio-visual) – Q3 2019.
  • The Netherlands: Online – Q3 2019, Live performances – 2019
  • Sweden: Online (primarily Spotify) – Q1 2019
  • Australia: Radio, TV, Online – Q3 2019
Regarding performances in Germany

Following lengthy interactions with the German tax authorities, Koda has now succeeded in obtaining a final ruling in a case concerning double taxation of the amounts sent by GEMA to Koda. The ruling was in Koda’s favour, which means that Koda has now received the last 15.83% of the total amount withheld during the period from 2015 to the end of 2019. The amount is distributed as an arrears distribution for the works for which this double tax was withheld for the period.




Background music

Background music is the music you’ll hear in shops, restaurants, cafes, clubs, hair salons and so on. Every year, we receive millions of kroner in revenues generated by this kind of music consumption.

Past distributions