March 2020

On 19 March, Koda distributed for music used on TV and radio for parts of December 2019

The March distribution includes the monthly distributions made for radio, television and concert areas as well as quarterly and semi-annual distributions for online services and background music.

Please note that the monthly distributions primarily cover December 2019. Distributions for performances in 2020 will begin with the next distribution, which takes place in April.

Please also note that the ‘online’ distribution includes the VOD service C More for the first time, and that other online services have also been brought forward and included in this distribution.

You can find details on the specific distribution areas in our distribution schedule


As regards to concerts, the March distribution primarily covers and rounds up performances made in 2019, which includes annual distributions for concerts featuring DR ensembles as well as the regional symphonic orchestras. In addition to this, we have been able to complete our processing for a small number of concerts held in 2020; the revenues generated at these concerts will also be part of the March distribution.

Koda makes distributions for concerts when the reporting has been fully processed and we have received all the necessary information and payment from the concert promoter. This is to say that even though your concert report has been correctly completed and submitted in a timely manner to Koda, other factors – such as insufficient reporting on ticket revenues from the concert promoter – can postpone distribution to a later date.

Background music

The distribution covers several of Koda’s ‘Background’ areas for Q3 2019. It also includes distributions for the first six months of 2019 for the areas ‘Other retail’ and the annual distribution for ‘Discos and clubs’.  

TV and radio 

The distribution includes monthly distributions for December 2019 covering large parts of Koda’s ‘TV and radio’ areas. It also includes distributions covering the second half of 2019 for Greenlandic Radio (KNR) and distributions covering all of 2019 for the TV channel VH1.

Within the ‘Commercial radio’ area, Koda makes its first distribution for the nationwide DAB channel MTV Radio, covering November and December 2019. In future, distributions for this channel will be carried out monthly alongside the other commercial radio stations. 

Streaming and download services

The March distribution includes a quarterly distribution for online services such as the streaming and download services Spotify and YouSee music. It also covers quarterly distributions for the VOD services Netflix and TV 2 Play. The distribution for TV 2 Play covers the third and fourth quarters of 2019.

The March distribution also includes the annual distribution for movie rentals carried out in 2019 via the VOD service Blockbuster; this was previously part of the September distribution, but we have been able to bring it forward. The same applies to Radio Play: the March distribution covers all Radio Play performances in 2019. Distributions for these services will be made quarterly from now on.

This month, Koda makes its first distribution for the VOD service C-More. The distribution covers the periods 2017, 2018 and 2019 and also follows up on distributions dating back to 2016 and before. On My Koda, this will be listed as ‘2016’. 


The distribution for ‘Abroad’ primarily consists of revenues received from Koda’s affiliates in France, the USA, Japan and Sweden, covering performances within a range of areas. Note that this month, most of the distribution from the Swedish society STIM covers the use of Koda members’ music on streaming services such as Spotify.



Background music

Background music is the music you’ll hear in shops, restaurants, cafes, clubs, hair salons and so on. Every year, we receive millions of kroner in revenues generated by this kind of music consumption.