December 2020

Koda’s December distribution took place on Thursday 10 December. For a total overview of the areas and performance periods included, see the Koda distribution schedule

TV and Radio

The December distribution includes all performances in September and parts of October for those TV and Radio areas where distributions are carried out monthly. It also covers monthly distributions for music in commercials on channels such as TV3+, Tv3 Puls, National Geographic and Eurosport 1.

As regards TV, the December distribution also includes a final distribution for the Discovery channels (Kanal 4, Kanal 5, 6'eren etc.), covering the period 2017 to 2019. However, there may still be a few outstanding broadcasts from 2019; final distributions for these will be carried out in early 2021.

The Radio distribution also includes distributions for performances on Radio Klassisk in all of 2019.


As far as concerts are concerned, the December distribution includes all concerts where full reporting has been submitted and processed and where Koda has received all necessary information from the concert promoter (for example about ticket revenues per concert). As has previously been mentioned, the 2020 distribution rates for concerts have been reduced compared to 2019, as the coronavirus crisis has obviously caused a marked reduction in concert activity.


The distributions pertaining to Online music use include distributions for Netflix – Q1 2020 as well as quarterly distributions for music streaming services such as Spotify, YouSee Musik (Nuuday) and YouTube. For details on specific periods and services, see the distribution schedule. The planned quarterly distribution for TV2 Play has been temporarily postponed due to a delay in reporting

The distribution also covers Online Background 2019. This involves the distribution of revenues generated by smaller-scale digital services (such as websites and web TV) where Koda does not collect and process reporting. This distribution is made on basis of reporting from other, representative online areas.

Outstanding amounts for streaming and download services

The distribution includes outstanding amounts pertaining to streaming and download services where it has not been possible to match collections to works in Koda’s database. The majority of these undistributed funds were collected in 2017, while a minor portion date from 2016. The distribution now made is carried out on basis of streaming and download reporting from the specific performance periods during which the amounts were generated.


As regards revenues from abroad, Koda has received – prior to this distribution – new quarterly settlements from sister societies in Germany (GEMA), the UK (PRS) and Sweden (STIM), meaning that the distribution covers the use of Koda members’ music in these countries. The distributions primarily cover performances from the first half of 2020, but also include revenues generated in previous periods.

Koda has also received an annual settlement from Lithuania (LATGA); these funds are also included in this distribution.

Extraordinary distribution from Koda Dramatik

Every year, Koda distributes – on behalf of Koda Dramatik – funds related to the use of music in drama performances retransmitted on television or radio. This distribution includes the planned annual distribution for performances in 2019, but also includes an extraordinary distribution of outstanding funds from previous years. These amounts are distributed on basis of all the works that have previously received distributions under the auspices of Koda Dramatik during the period. The distribution will appear as ‘Bonus 2020’ in distribution statements.

Distribution from NCB

The December distribution also includes distributions from NCB pertaining to physical releases and synchronisation. For details, see the NCB newsletter