August 2020

Koda’s August distribution 2020 will take place on 20 August. You can find details on the areas and performance periods included in our distribution schedule

TV and radio

The August distribution includes performances in April, May and large parts of June on those TV and radio channels where distributions are carried out monthly. This means that this distribution includes one more month than is usually the case, which is due to the fact that no distribution was made in July.

We have been able to obtain and process reporting faster than before for TV3, meaning that the distribution now includes the months of April and May. This brings TV3 up to the same rapid payout speed as the other monthly distribution areas.

No distribution for Q2 2020 for Bauer Media’s radio channels (NOVA, The Voice, Radio 100 and others)

The distribution made for radio channels owned by Bauer Media only includes performances up to and including March 2020. This is due to uncertainty regarding the revenue base for the second quarter of 2020, which in turn is a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Distributions will be made for performances from this period as soon as the issue is resolved, allowing us to calculate the new per-minute values.

On a different note, the distribution also includes so-called Compensation for Local Sub-Publishing in 2019. You can read more about this area here 


The August distribution includes distributions for all concerts where the reporting has been fully processed and Koda has received all the necessary information from the concert promoter (such as information on the ticket revenues generated per concert).

The August distribution also includes final distributions for concerts in 2019, an additional payment that supplement the distributions already made. You can read more about final distributions in the info box to the right.


The August distributions for music abroad are significant in terms of the amounts distributed and includes several of the territories/countries from which Koda typically receives the largest amounts.

In some areas, the distributions were received by Koda as recently as in June and July and have been processed and made ready for distributions now. This means that these funds have been sent on by Koda very quickly indeed – in some cases within just one month.

The distributions are listed below, indicating some of the primary areas and periods included. The information is based on the distribution information that the individual societies send us along with the distribution amounts and data.

Sweden: TV, Radio, Concerts, Background music – second half of 2019, miscellaneous streaming and VOD (e.g. Spotify, Netflix and Viaplay) – miscellaneous periods.

Norge: TV, Radio – Q4 2019, Final distributions for TV and Radio – 2019, streaming and VOD services (Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix, Viaplay et al.) – miscellaneous periods.

Germany: Primarily Concerts, Clubs – miscellaneous periods

Finland:  TV, Radio, Background music and Online – Q4 2019

USA: TV and radio, Cable TV and Online – Q4 2019


What are final distributions?

Koda’s monthly distributions are made on an ongoing basis based on a preliminary estimated distribution value. When the year is up and the annual financial report has been approved, we draw up a final annual settlement plan that follows up any deviations from the estimated values.

If it turns out that sufficient amounts remain undistributed within a given area, that amount will be distributed as a supplement to the previous distributions made regarding the given year. The final distribution is made to the works and rightsholders that received funds during the first round of distributions and will be based on the same data as the original distribution.