April 2020

April distribution 2020

Koda’s distribution for April has been brought forward, which means that it will take place on Wednesday 8 April rather than on 16 April as originally planned. For a total overview of the areas and performance periods covered by this distribution, see the Koda distribution schedule

Rapid distribution in times of crisis

Despite the corona crisis and the lockdown of the Koda offices, our operations continue – and this includes the processing of music reporting and settlements that enables us to make our monthly distributions. As we believe that rapid distributions may be particularly valuable to Koda members during these difficult times, we have made special efforts to get the April distribution ready before the Easter holidays – more than a week earlier than originally scheduled. We hope that this small advance will be welcome and have a favourable effect for many members. 

Distributions for performances in 2020

Koda’s monthly distributions are now beginning to include performances in 2020. As regards Radio and TV, this applies primarily to performances in January 2020, but much of February is also included within several areas. As regards the ‘Concert’ section, the distribution includes all concerts where Koda has received reporting as well as all necessary information from the concert promoter. The distribution also includes monthly distributions for performances of Koda members’ music abroad, although this covers only 2019 and before.

Please note that as of 2020, the channels DR Ultra, DR K and DR3 no longer exist as flow-TV channels, but have transitioned to DR’s on-demand universe. This means that distributions for these channels will be made later along with the rest of the DR On-Demand section. 

Also note that the monthly distribution for Commercial Radio does not include the channels Radio NRJ and MTV Radio; these distributions have been temporarily postponed. 

New distribution rates

Due to uncertainties regarding the revenue base for several radio and TV areas, the new per-minute values for 2020 have been set conservatively, meaning that in most areas they are slightly lower than the corresponding 2019 rates. As regards the Discovery TV channels, their per-minute values have also been adversely affected by the fact that these channels are no longer part of the YouSee cable package deals.

A similar general downward adjustment applies to the distribution rates for Concerts; due to the corona crisis, we expect lower overall concert activity in 2020.


The next Koda distribution will be made on 14 May 2020.