September 2019

On 12 September, Koda will distribute revenues collected for music used on TV and on the radio in June of 2019.

The distribution includes revenues generated by music used in June 2019 within large segments of the fields radio and TV. The September distribution also includes first performances and online content. Distributions are still carried out quarterly for streaming and download services, and these are also included in the September distribution. You can find specific details about the other areas covered by this distribution in our distribution schedule.


The September distribution includes monthly distributions pertaining to the field of concerts. However, please note that Koda only carries out distributions for concerts when full reporting has been received and processed and when we have received all the necessary information and payment from the concert promoter. Hence, you may find that even though your concert reporting was fully completed and submitted in a timely manner to Koda, you will receive your distribution at a later date.


Information on any deviations from the distribution schedule and other information relevant to the distribution will be regularly updated until the time of the distribution itself. You can find this information here:

Distributions pertaining to the TV channels  Kanal 4, Kanal 5 and 6’eren will be made as part of the October distribution, not on 12 September as previously announced. 

The distribution for DR On Demand 2018 has been postponed and will be part of the October distribution.

The distribution for Film i Undervisningen (Films used in teaching) has been postponed as Koda is still waiting to receive revenues for music consumption within the field in 2018.

The Voice, NOVA etc.

Distributions for Bauer Media radio channels have been temporarily on hold pending negotiations for a new agreement, but have now been resumed. The current distribution covers the period March to December 2018 and the channels Nova FM, The Voice, Radio 100, Pop FM, My Rock, Radio Soft.

The October distribution will cover the period January to July 2019. At this point, distributions will once again be carried out monthly for these channels.  

Start Over and Catch Up to be combined

This distribution includes VOD services (interactive TV services) pertaining to music used in 2018. The field previously comprised two separate categories, Start Over and Catch Up, but is now considered a single field covering all kinds of on-demand products offered by TV distributors such as YouSee and Stofa. The change has been implemented because the revenues received by Koda from TV distributors is now a lump sum which no longer itemises specific fields such as Start Over and Catch Up.

Extraordinary distribution from NCB

In September, NCB will make an additional, extraordinary distribution that pertains specifically to funds for sales received from GEMA. A prolonged legal battle between GEMA and the German tax authorities have rendered NCB unable to make distributions for sales in Germany. GEMA has now transferred funds corresponding to 84.175% of the total amount owed by GEMA to NCB for sales in Germany, as well as distributions pertaining to WARNER CLA and SONY/ATV CLA.