October 2019

On 10 October Koda will distribute for music used on TV and radio in July 2019.

The October distribution encompasses most radio and TV music usage in July 2019 as well as a range of other areas where music use took place during other periods. You can find the specific relevant distribution areas in Koda’s distribution schedule here

Regular updates on any deviations from the distribution schedule and other information pertaining to the distribution will be posted here: 


The October distribution includes monthly distributions pertaining to the field of concerts. However, please note that Koda only carries out distributions for concerts when full reporting has been received and processed and when we have received all the necessary information and payment from the concert promoter. Hence, you may find that even though your concert reporting was fully completed and submitted in a timely manner to Koda, you will receive your distribution at a later date.

The Voice, NOVA etc.

Distributions for Bauer Media radio channels have been temporarily on hold pending negotiations for a new agreement, but have now been resumed. 

The October distribution includes distributions for the Bauer Media radio channels covering the first six months of 2019. From this point on, these distributions will once again be conducted monthly. The Bauer Media radio channels are: Nova FM, The Voice, Radio 100, Pop FM, My Rock, Radio Soft.

Kanal 4, 5, 6 and 9 

Please note that the October distribution includes distributions for Danish TV channels Kanal 4, 5, and 6, covering the first half of 2019. This means that the distributions have been brought forward compared to last year, when the corresponding six-month distribution took place in December.

The October distribution also includes distributions for Canal 9 for the period 2018 to Q1 2019.

Final distribution for Interactive TV services 2017

The October distribution includes a final distribution for 2017 pertaining to interactive TV services (Start Over and Catch Up). This is because Koda has received a substantial arrears payment large enough to merit an additional round of distributions for the period. The current distributions are based on the same 2017 reporting used as the basis for the primary distribution made back in September 2018.

As the distribution concerns music used in 2017, the two functions – Start Over and Catch Up – are still treated as separate categories. As of 2018, distributions for both functions are made concurrently as part of the Interactive TV services category.