June 2019

On 13 June, Koda made distributions for music used on TV and radio in March 2019.

The June distribution includes revenues generated within large parts of the area “TV and radio”, covering music used in March of 2019. You can find the specific distribution areas specified in  Koda’s distribution schedule


During this initial phase of monthly distributions, Koda will only make distributions for concerts where all reporting has been finalised and where we have received all necessary information and full payment from the concert organiser. As a result, you may find that even though your concert reporting has been correctly completed and submitted in time to Koda, your revenues for the concert will nevertheless still be distributed at a later date.

Subsidised concerts

The June 2019 distribution includes distributions for subsidised concerts held in 2018. 

Streaming and download services

The June distribution includes plays on streaming and download services that are not yet included in our monthly distributions, but where distributions are still made quarterly. For a list of services and periods, see the distribution schedule

iTunes Video On Demand

The distribution includes iTunes Video On Demand, comprising rental and downloads of films via iTunes/Apple. The distribution includes arrears funds left over from previous periods. 

Outstanding amounts for streaming and download services

The June distribution includes outstanding amounts pertaining to streaming and download services where we have been unable to match the works indicated with works in the Koda / NCB work database. The outstanding amounts concern the period 2013 through 2016. Distribution is now made on the basis of streaming and download reporting from the specific performance periods during which the revenues were generated.

Background music

The June distribution covers the use of background music in 2018. Background music is divided into different categories/sections, each of which covers a different way of using music. 

The section concerning “Daytime radio” is not included in this distribution because certain factors still need to be settled. The missing information specifically concerns the part of the funds paid out on the basis of Bauer Media’s radios: here, all distributions have been put on hold pending negotiations for a new agreement.


The June distribution covers commercials on a number of TV channels that are uplinked from the UK, which means that they are managed by the English society PRS. Because these channels show commercials targeted specifically at the Danish market, Koda has entered into an agreement with PRS, stating that Koda will handle the processing and distributions associated with these commercials.

The distributions cover commercials shown in 2018 on the following TV channels:

  • MTV
  • Tv3 +
  • Tv3 PULS
  • National Geographic Channel
  • National Geographic People
  • TNT Reklamer

Koda does not have information on the music used in all the commercials featured on these channels, which means that the distribution does not cover all the commercials broadcast. We therefore encourage composers who write music for commercials to submit additional music information (including the relevant media plans or clock codes); such information will help us improve our basis for making distributions within this field.


The June distribution includes physical releases, synchronisation and older online content from NCB. You can read more about the NCB distribution in the NCB newsletter

Any deviations from the distribution schedule or other information regarding the distribution will be announced in regular updates on this page prior to the distribution itself.