December 2019

On 12 December Koda will distribute for music used on TV and radio in September 2019.

The distribution includes revenues generated by music played in September 2019 on most Radio and TV channels handled by Koda. It also covers much of October as far as DR TV and TV 2 is concerned. Distributions are still made quarterly for streaming and download services; the December distribution includes the latest of these quarterly rates. The semi-annual distribution from NCB is ready, too, covering releases and sales of CDs and DVDs as well as synchronisation. You can read more about your NCB distribution here

For details about the specific distribution areas, see Koda’s distribution schedule here

December distribution covers large proportion of music used on DR and TV 2 in October 

Koda’s monthly distributions for radio and TV usually include music used within a single month. However, this December distribution covers both September and October. Please note that this means that your January distribution will not include revenues generated by music usage on DR and TV 2 channels in October. This may mean that your distribution will be correspondingly lower in January. Furthermore, the holidays around Christmas and New Year render us unable to expedite our processing of November performances, which means that the total distribution made for radio and TV area will be lower.


The December distribution includes monthly distributions pertaining to the field of concerts. However, please note that Koda only carries out distributions for concerts when full reporting has been received and processed and when we have received all the necessary information and payment from the concert promoter. Hence, you may find that even though your concert reporting was fully completed and submitted in a timely manner to Koda, you will receive your distribution at a later date.

Final distributions – a supplement to previous distributions

The December distribution includes a final distribution for performances on DR1 TV in 2018. After the monthly distributions have been carried out, some amounts still await distribution. This means that you will receive a supplement to previous distributions for 2018 within the fields of DR1 TV. 

Background music

The December distribution covers the first six months of 2019 as regards most subcategories under the ‘Background music’ heading. Background music is now part of a half-yearly distribution compared to the previous once a year distribution. Distributions for two particular areas – Other Retail and Disco/Club – will be made later.

Music on info channels

The distribution includes music played on Info channels for 2013 to 2018. Koda recently received a lump sum in arrears for this period, hence the late distribution.  

KNR Radio

The distribution for Greenlandic Radio KNR has been moved forward, meaning that the December distribution covers the first six months of 2019. 


The distribution for music played abroad includes a number of arrears payments of sums received from affiliates abroad without any accompanying reporting.

  • Private copying levies and YouTube

Koda has received arrears payment from the German collective rights management society GEMA for the period 2011 to 2016. The payment partly covers private copying levies for the German market as well as payment for YouTube in Germany. The amounts were received without any accompanying reporting, which means they will be distributed on the basis of broadcast data on works by Koda members who have received distributions for performances in Germany within the period 2011 to 2016.

Koda has also received private copying levies for Finland for the period 2016–2018, and from Switzerland for the year 2018. These funds will be distributed according to the same principle described above.

  • Undistributed revenues from abroad                         

The December distribution includes an extra distribution of outstanding amounts which Koda has received from abroad and been unable to match to specific works and rightsholders. The funds are now distributed on the basis of information about works for which distributions have previously been carried out within the relevant periods and territories.



What are final distributions?

Koda’s monthly distributions are made on an ongoing basis based on a preliminary estimated minute value. When the year is up and the annual financial report has been approved, we draw up a final annual settlement plan that follows up any deviations from the estimated values.

If it turns out that sufficient amounts remain undistributed within a given area, that amount will be distributed as a supplement to the previous distributions made regarding the given year. The final distribution is made to the works and rightsholders that received funds during the first round of distributions and will be based on the same data as the original distribution.

Background music

Background music is the music you’ll hear in shops, restaurants, cafes, clubs, hair salons and so on. Every year, we receive millions of kroner in revenues generated by this kind of music consumption.