October 2021

Koda’s October 2021 distribution took place on Thursday 14 October. For a full overview of the areas and performance periods included, see the Koda distribution schedule

TV and Radio

The October distribution covers all TV and Radio areas where distributions are made monthly. It primarily concerns performances in July, but in several areas you will also find that performances from August have already been reported, processed and are ready for distribution. The October distribution also includes monthly distributions for music used in commercials on channels such as TV3 +, TV3 Puls, National Geographic and Eurosport 1.

The October distribution also includes annual distributions for the channels TV3 Sport and TV3 Max covering 2020. These are made on the basis of reporting from Q4 2020 received via the music monitoring company BMAT, which has monitored the channels and identified much of the music used there.

Background music

The October distribution includes distributions from the Streaming for Businesses area covering the second half of 2020. This area comprises income from various types of services industries, and distributions are made on the basis of data from a professional music provider which provides streaming solutions for commercial use.

The October distribution also includes a distribution covering 2020 for the Daytime Radio area; these revenues are distributed on the basis of analogy reporting from the local radio area. The remainder of these revenues was paid out in May along with the remainder of the Background area. With this, all Background revenues pertaining to performances in 2020 have been distributed.


As regards concerts, the October distribution covers all concerts where the music reporting has been processed and completed and where Koda has received all necessary information from the concert promoter (for example about ticket revenues per concert).

The October distribution also includes a final distribution of concert revenues from 2020, which are paid out for concerts held in 2020. Finally, it also includes supplementary distributions for concerts held in 2018 and 2019.



Background music

Background music is the music you hear in shops, restaurants, cafés, clubs, at the hair salon and so on. Every year, we receive tens of millions of kroner for such mechanical music use. Learn more here

What are final distributions?

Koda’s monthly distributions are made on an ongoing basis based on a preliminary estimated minute value. When the year is up and the annual financial report has been approved, we draw up a final annual settlement plan that follows up any deviations from the estimated values. It may also occur during the year. 

If it turns out that sufficient amounts remain undistributed within a given area, that amount will be distributed as a supplement to the previous distributions made regarding the given year. The final distribution is made to the works and rightsholders that received funds during the first round of distributions and will be based on the same data as the original distribution.