TV3, TV3+ and TV3 Puls

The channels TV3, TV3+ and TV3 Puls are broadcasted from Britain, which means that they fall under the auspices of the British PRS (Performing Right Society). This means that PRS is in charge of entering into agreements for all use of music on these channels and distributes the royalties received in accordance with its own distribution rules. 

When do we make distributions?

To see when we make distributions, check our distribution schedule

Jingles, theme songs, etc.
  • No reductions are applied to theme songs, jingles and background theme music for competitions. Distributions for music of this kind are made using the same values/rates applied to other mechanical performances.
  • Reductions are applied for station IDs (call signs), station sound design, trailers and similar – i.e. for performances of music that has not been created exclusively for a particular show and which is primarily used outside of the actual scheduled broadcasts. The reduced value is set at 10% of the relevant TV channel’s usual per-minute value.
  • Reductions are applied to music used in commercials. The reduced value is set at 50% of the relevant TV channel’s usual per-minute value.

Koda makes distributions for music used on the channels TV3, TV3+ and TV3 Puls. On TV3, the distributions are made as part of the distribution for the full programming schedule; for the other channels, distributions are done as part of a separate distribution for commercials.


TV3 features extensive Danish programming content. As a result, distributions for this channel are processed and paid for by Koda. This is done on the basis of reporting forwarded by PRS, which covers the entire programming including commercials. This does not apply to TV3 + and TV3 Puls, which feature less Danish programming content; for these channels, distributions are made by PRS.