Blank media

Funds from Copydan

Koda receives payment relating to the sale of blank media (e.g. audio and video tapes) to offset consumer copying of our rightsholders’ work. We receive this payment from Copydan Verdens TV, which collects the levies.

One third is settled through a support project: ‘collective blank tape levies’

We distribute two-thirds of these funds to rightsholders as compensation for the consumers’ private copying. The last third – known as the collective blank tape levies – is distributed in the form of project support upon application. If you want to apply for such support, please complete this online form.

How is the money distributed?

Apart from 1/3 set aside for collective support funds, the amounts received for, respectively, audio tapes and video tapes are divided into separate distribution categories based on an estimate of the copying habits of Danish consumers.

  • As regards audio tapes, 75 per cent of the funds received go towards compensation for copying from radio. In this case, we reuse the information available on music consumption from DR radio, local radio and commercial radios. The final 25 per cent go towards compensation for copying from phonograms, with the funds being distributed on the basis of information on phonogram sales in Denmark, which we collect from NCB’s distributions.
  • As regards video tapes, all of the funds received go towards compensating for the consumers’ copying from TV, reusing the information on music consumption from DR TV and TV2.
Calculating the amounts to be distributed

Distributions are made on the basis of the amounts accrued by the given work within the performance areas stated above within the same distribution year.