New agreement on music on Facebook. The agreement ensures that Facebook pays compensation for music rights represented by Koda used on Facebook-owned services in Europe. 

In October 2019, Polaris HUB – a joint venture between the Nordic collective rights management societies Koda (DK), TONO (NO) and Teosto (FIN) – entered into a licensing agreement with Facebook for the first time ever. The licence agreement also covers the Icelandic repertoire.

Read the news announcement about the agreement here

Here you will find answers to a range of questions about the deal with Facebook:

Which services are covered by the deal with Facebook?

The agreement covers Facebook, Instagram, Oculus Virtual Reality Glasses and Facebook Messenger.

Are Facebook Live, Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories included in the deal?


Is WhatsApp covered by the agreement?


What does the agreement mean to me as a Koda member?

The agreement ensures that Facebook pays compensation for music rights represented by Koda used on Facebook-owned services in Europe.

Which territories and which countries’ repertoires do the agreement cover?

The agreement covers all music rights represented by Koda in the EMEA region: Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

How do distributions from Facebook work?

We do not know when members will receive distributions from Facebook, nor how much members will receive, because Facebook is not yet able to obtain data on music usage. We are currently working with Facebook to develop a reporting system that can work with the Facebook services while also meeting our requirements. Until that system is fully developed, we are working on a method that can form the basis for Koda’s distributions to our members. We will provide further information on this as soon as possible.

How do I, as a Koda member, post music on Facebook?

The agreement with Facebook means that Facebook has purchased access to using Koda’s repertoire. It is entirely up to Facebook to decide which songs from our repertoire they want to include in the various features they have launched; they have described these features here 

In other words, Koda has no say in which tracks are made part of the Facebook music library, which forms the basis for the company’s various music services.

However, the agreement also means that users can use their own wall/profile to post and share music which is not necessarily part of the Facebook features that use Facebook’s music library. For example, if you own and manage the rights yourself, you can upload your own music, and if you do not have the rights, you can share music you find on Facebook or other streaming services on your wall/profile.

How much does Facebook pay for music rights represented by Koda?

We cannot provide an answer to this. We are bound by a confidentiality clause embedded in the agreement, which means that for commercial reasons, such details must remain confidential.

What does the deal mean for ordinary Facebook and Instagram users?

Now, private individuals can add music represented by Koda to their posts on Facebook and Instagram. You can also add music to live streams and stories, and you can share links to songs, for example on Spotify, in Messenger. All commercial use of music still requires a sync licence from the rightsholders.