August 2020


Koda’s August distribution 2020 will take place on 20 August and covers music use on a wide range of radio and TV channels in April, May and parts of June. You can find details on the relevant areas in our distribution schedule


The August distribution includes concerts. Koda only makes distributions for concerts when the reporting has been fully processed and we have received all the necessary information and payment from the concert promoter. This is to say that even though your concert report has been correctly completed and submitted in a timely manner to Koda, other factors can cause your distribution to be postponed to a later date. 

The August distribution includes final distributions for concerts in 2019. This means that members will receive additional payments to supplement the distributions already made for 2019. You can read more about final distributions in the infobox to the right.

Commercial channels

The distribution includes commercials on some TV channels. This page will be updated with the names of the exact channels prior to the distribution. 

Changes to the distribution schedule

Any deviations from the distribution schedule or other information regarding the distribution will be announced in regular updates on this page prior to the distribution itself.


What are final distributions?

Koda’s monthly distributions are made on an ongoing basis based on a preliminary estimated minute value. When the year is up and the annual financial report has been approved, we draw up a final annual settlement plan that follows up any deviations from the estimated values.

If it turns out that sufficient amounts remain undistributed within a given area, that amount will be distributed as a supplement to the previous distributions made regarding the given year. The final distribution is made to the works and rightsholders that received funds during the first round of distributions and will be based on the same data as the original distribution.