How to use My Koda (old)

My Koda (Mit Koda) is your personal pages online where you can see your musical works, report your concerts and see your distribution specification.

How to register a work


Submitting a registration of a musical work at My Koda is simple. You do it under the heading “Register work”, and the procedure is the same for entirely new original works and for new versions of existing works. Most users will simply need to fill in the compulsory fields: Title, Role and Name, Division of shares, and Duration.

  • Title: When you submit your registration you will be asked for the title of your work, and you can also add an alternative title if you wish. It would be an advantage for you to add an alternative title if the work is, for example, used to advertise a product or was created for a specific TV channel, a film, or similar. For example: Original title: "The Sound of Autumn" / Alternative title:  "TDC".
  • Role and Name: You can choose between the following roles:  composer, author, arranger, composer/author or sub-author. Your own name is entered automatically. You can add more rights holders by clicking the button “Add rights owner” and search for them under “Search members”. You can also simply type in their membership number or IPI number (international membership number) if you know it. If a given rights holder is not a member, you simply write their name (listing their last name first); you can include extra notes in the “comments” field such as the rights holder’s social security number (CPR), performing alias, or address (country). The more information you provide, the easier it will be for us to link the work to the correct rights holder if he/she becomes a member at a later point.
  • Division of shares: It is important that the division of shares is done in accordance with the current rules and conditions on standard division or agreed division. Most people use the standard division; the standard division percentages appear when you click the button “Calculate standard division”. If you choose agreed division you must enter the correct shares in the fields yourself.
  • Duration: State the approximate duration of the work. Payments are distributed on the basis of the reported duration, not the duration stated in your registration.

When you have completed your registration, click “Send” at the bottom of the screen and confirm your work registration. You will then receive a receipt on-screen and in an email.  Once Koda has processed your registration you will be able to see the work at My Koda under the heading “List of Works”. From your on-screen receipt you can choose to submit registrations of more works with the same division of shares; all you need to do is change the title of the work.

All rights holders will be informed when a registration is submitted of a new work  

If others submit registrations of works where you are a rights holder, too, meaning that you hold a share part in the work, you will be notified of this on My Koda. This means that you have the opportunity to check that the information given and the division of shares are correct. Similarly, when you submit a registration of a work where other rights holders also hold shares, the system will inform them that someone else has submitted a registration of that work. You will also be informed if a publisher submits a registration of a work that you have submitted a registration of at an earlier date.

You will not be informed by the system when registrations are resubmitted and when registrations of new versions, arrangements, and translations are submitted. This is because you will already have been informed in other ways: this kind of registration always requires permission/signatures from all rights holders to the original work; that way we can be sure that everyone agrees with the information submitted. If you disagree with a work registration, please send an email on the matter to

The deadline for making such complaints is no later than 15 months after the first payment is made; but the sooner you react, the better. 

Check the list of your “Not registered” works at My Koda

Under the item “List of works” you can see all your works. You can also see a list of works for which no registration has been submitted. If the work is listed as “not registered”, it means that we have NOT received a work registration  and CANNOT distribute payments for that work. It is important that you submit registrations  for your works; they may generate funds for you. You submit a registration by first clicking the work, then the button “Register work”: this transfers all details about the work to a registration form which you can adjust it as necessary before you submit your registration.
Sometimes, the list of “not registered” works may include works for which you have in fact submitted registrations, but which appear in the list under an incorrect title. If this is the case, click the button “error in work" for the relevant work; you will then be able to write an email about the work to the Repertoire department, correcting the error. 

Help and advice

We no longer receive work registrations on paper; we encourage all members to use My Koda instead. Our Publisher/Member Service department is ready to help you use My Koda. You are welcome to call us, email us, or visit us at our office; then we will assist you and guide you through the process. You can contact our Publisher/Member Service by emailing us at or calling (+45) 33 30 63 20.

Video guide for register work
Video: How to register a work (In Danish with subtitles)

How to report a concert


You must register your concert no later than one month after the performance

The deadline has been set to help give us the best possible conditions for ensuring that your receive payment for your concert. Venues have been known to close, to change hands, etc., so it is easiest for us to claim the appropriate remuneration if we can do so quickly. We receive reports for more than 30,000 concerts a year. To handle this vast volume of reports, parts of our system are automated. This makes it particularly important for you to check that you submit the correct information. 

Should all band members report the same concert?  

No. We recommend that you appoint a single person from your band as the person responsible for reporting your concerts. If more than one person reports the same concert, we get duplicate reports in our system. Only the member who reports the concert will be able to see it in My Koda. Once payments for the concert have been distributed, all rights holders involved will be able to see the details in their My Koda – Account overview. 

Reporting a concert via My Koda

When you have played a concert, report it to Koda by clicking “Report Concert” on My Koda. You will begin by filling in the main pieces of information about the concert, details about the venue and concert promoter, and finally you will list the works played.

The main information about the concert includes the artist’s name, date, time, and number of concerts.

  • Artist’s name: You can either register a new artist’s name or choose a previously used artist’s name.
  • Date, time, and number of concerts: Simply state the figure “1” for the number of concerts played – unless, of course, you have played more than one concert at the same venue for the same concert promoter over a period of time. 
Then state the venue and concert promoter.
  • Venue: You can either choose a venue from a list or enter a new venue. The minimum information required is the venue’s name, address, and zip code, but would be useful if you can also state the name of a contact at the venue and a telephone number for that contact.
  • Concert promoter: If the venue is also the concert promoter, simply indicate this by ticking the box “Is the venue also the concert promoter?” Remember that the concert promoter is the one paying KODA for the concert. This will usually be the venue, and only very rarely a booker or a manager. Usually, the concert promoter is the venue, festival, music society, etc. If you are unsure who the promoter is, ask your booking agency or check the contract for the concert. 
Add information on the music played at the concert.
  • Choose a set list if you have set one up. You can edit the set list for individual concerts or under the item “Set list”.
  • Choose the relevant works individually by either searching a list of your own works or all works in the Koda database. If you cannot find a particular work, click “Create new work” and state the work’s title, name, and duration. 

It is important that your report contains all the works played at the concert – and this includes your own works and works by others. Payments are distributed in accordance with the shares attributed to the works, which also means that it is important to list the correct versions of the works. 

Send or save report

You are now ready to send your report to Koda, but you can also choose to save it for subsequent updating. Once you click “Send” you can set up a set list featuring the works from your report. You will receive a receipt on the screen and in an email. 

Status on your concert

Under My Koda "Concert list" you can see an overview of your concert reporting and the status of your reports. It is important that you keep an eye on the status of your reports; they may be given the status “rejected” if, for example, we do not have enough information about the concert promoter. In such cases, please contact our Publisher/Member Service at Occasionally, we may have to reject your report because we have been unable to claim money for the concert from the promoter you have listed. 

Video guide for report concert
Video: How to report a concert (in Danish with subtitles)

Video guide for account overview

You can find the following information on the Account overview:

  • Earnings per year: Click the "Show / hide payment per year".
  • Earnings for a given quarter or a specific period: Use the drop down function or the calendar at the top of the page.
  • Payments from Koda and NCB: Press, "Show entries". Then you get specific amounts from both Koda and NCB.
  • Assignments: If you have assignments, when your payments are transferred to other (publishing, taxes, etc.), it appears at the bottom of the page.


Video: How to use the account overview


Search payments distributed by Koda


Your account page at My Koda lists the payments distributed to you. You can click the individual amounts to see more details about the distribution; this will take you to “Search Koda distribution".

Under "Koda distribution" you can use the “Show/hide advanced search” function. You can search by section/pool, country, work, performance period, or distribution period. For example, you will be able to see how much a given work has generated over the course of a particular period. You can see the results listed by work or by area. You can click the individual amounts listed to access even more detail.

The results can be exported in PDF or Excel formats, or you can choose “Advanced export” and export all payment data and details to an Excel file. This allows you to continue working with the relevant data afterwards.

Search payments distributed by NCB

Koda distributes payments for the NCB. This means that information about payments distributed can be found on My Koda under your account overview and in the NCB tax statements.  If you need detailed information on the payments distributed, click the item “NCB distribution”, which links to the NCB web service. Under "Distribution statements" you can click the box “Distribution”. The first page only displays your name; proceed to the second page to see an overview of the payments distributed. You will also find a Top 20 of works for each individual area. The last pages contain all details about individual works. You can find additional details on how to read the information available on your NCB distributions in the NCB’s covering letter; find it under “Distribution statements”.

If you have any questions about your payments from NCB, please contact Koda’s Publisher/Member Service at We will need the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Membership no.
  • Work title(s)
  • Cover title
  • Artist/band
  • Catalogue no.
  • Time of release
  • Territory(-ies)
  • Publisher

The NCBs web service gives you access to information on e.g. catalogue numbers under "Album & Track Search".

Edit your profile

If you need to change your contact details or if you want a new user name/code word for My Koda, you can make the necessary adjustments under the item "Profile". Here you will also find your membership number and your international membership number – i.e. your IPI number.