Notifications of works and deadlines

Notification of works

Koda and NCB only distribute payment for works where notification has been submitted to Koda

A publishing house may only have a share in a given work if the publishing company submits notification to that effect themselves, and the publishing house may only have shares allocated from authors with whom agreements have been entered into.

Publishing houses must be members of Koda (or of one of our affiliates abroad) to be eligible for shares.

Allocations of shares for works

These rules are in keeping with our standard allocation rules, which establish certain limits for the agreements that publishing companies and authors may enter into:

From Koda, the original music publishing house may receive up to 33.33% of the share going to the author with whom a publishing agreement has been signed. This is to say that if the music publishing house has entered into agreements with all authors of the work, said publishing house may receive 33.33% of the total share allocated for the work. If any sub-publishers are involved, the music publishing houses are eligible for a maximum total share of 50%.

From NCB two different maximum limits for shares allocated to the original publishing house apply:

  • 33.33% if the work features lyrics and the composer and lyricist are not the same person
  • 50% if the work does not feature lyrics or if the composer and lyricist are the same person 
Submitting notification of works to Koda

We offer the following methods of notification: 

Notification via Mit Koda/My Koda

To submit notification for individual works, use the work notification module for music publishing houses at My Koda:    

Other means of electronic notification

If a music publishing house wishes to submit notification of a large number of works with identical conditions (usually catalogue works), the easiest option for the music publishing house and for Koda is to use one of the electronic mass notification formats available: Excel or CWR2. Where notification of more than 200 works is submitted simultaneously, such notifications must be given using a mass notification format.

For more information, contact the Repertoire department at

Do we also need to submit notification to collective rights management societies abroad?

No. Koda will ensure that your works are made accessible in an international work database that can be accessed by virtually all collective rights management societies abroad. If your music publishing house has entered into agreement with a sub-publisher representing the rights in another country, said sub-publisher should submit notification of the works to the collective rights management society of that country.

Notification deadlines

Here is an overview of the deadlines for submitting work notifications to Koda.

The deadlines apply to: 
  • Payments from Koda and NCB
  • Works published by the original publishing house and sub-publishers
Notification deadline



2. January


1. April


1. July


1. October