How to read the data

Registered works

Works that are already properly registered by the rightsholders will have the status 'registered', but is on the list because one or more rightsholders on the work have one or more unknowns to Koda. That makes it impossible to make a payment, for the time being, to the rightsholders in question.

  • If a rightsholder is deceased, he or she will probably be on the list, if we have difficulties finding one or more heirs.
  • If a rightsholder is registered as Non Society (NS), we need help to identify the person further.

If you have any knowledge of the rightsholder or heirs please contact the Repertoire department at

Not registered works

A work with the status 'Not registered' is present on the list, because Koda has not received a proper registration of the work from its rightsholders, or because the registration of the work has a (slightly) different title than the work title coming from the reporting music users.

  • If you are a rightsholder of a work with the status 'Not registered', please send in a proper work registration of the work via your profile, on My Koda/Mit Koda
  • If you have already sent in a work registration of the work, but with a (slightly) different title, please send an email to and let us know which work titles and work numbers are the same. 

Only data with amounts above a certain value is presented in the database. See the payout limits here